Tuesday, December 30, 2008

To be like Mike...

I wrote a blog entry
Just the other night.
Because I didn't like it
Its out of sight.

It was about
What I plan to do
To improve myself
The next year or two.

But look at me
And its plain to see
That my weight loss
Will take priority.

With my burps and farts
I'm just another guy.
The dudes laugh
And the women sigh.

So, the resolutions
Are usually cut and dried.
That my faults are obvious
Cannot be denied.

I wrote two pages
Resolving once again
To do what it takes
To finally be thin.

Yeah, I'll resolve
To quit eating fries.
To drink more water.
Get more exercise.

The typical pap
You hear from us biggies.
I'll read their book but not eat
The three little piggies!

I'll eat more fruit
And more bunny food.
I'll say no to hot wings
And anything brewed.

But this year is different
Because I'm not joking.
I'm using the will power I found
When I quit smoking.

My brothers are sceptical.
A few out of many
Who don't believe that
A Teders can be skinny!

I'll be cutting down
On the foods that I like.
My motto now is:
"I wanna be like Mike!"

No more hot wings, pizza
Or buffets for me!
Its Begone! to Ryans
And BW3.

Yes, will power will help
Where I usually failed.
With Jenny's support
I'll have it nailed.

Only one thing can
Derail my diet this time.
Fat is much easier
Than skinny to rhyme!!

1 comment:

Shannon said...

The only problem with being like Mike is that he NEVER quits eating! Last night, he had two burritos from Taco Bell, three s'mores, two fruit roll-ups, some skittles, and a Mountain Dew! That was only between 9 and 10:30 pm!!

Congrats on the weight loss!! You, mom, and gramps look GREAT!!