Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ho-ho-holy cow!!

Another Christmas has come and gone. I believe I like it more now then when I was a kid. I am happy that my seniority at work enables me to take vacation during the holidays. I've spent the last two weeks taking it easy and doing Christmas stuff around the house and attending Christmas get-togethers. One thing about railroad work, you often can't get together at the get-togethers. I set up the train this year to run around the tree. Haven't done that in 15 years at least. I even hung outdoor lights. I thought that after I fell asleep, Jenny was secretly taking my temperature. You see, normally, I'm not the most ambitious fellow. To do the two Christmas things that don't have to be done, well, Jenny might think I was sick or something.

The reason I never put outdoor lights out is because its usually June before they get taken down and that looks Jakey. I have them on a timer to come on at dusk and go off at dawn. With them on, I don't have to remember to turn on the porch light for Jenny.

As for presents, I made out real well. Other than a new pick-up, top-of-the-line laptop and hot-tub, I got everything I wanted. Number one on my list was spending time with my family and that was the present I cherished the most. Number two was the Sham-Wow!

Shannon and family got me a leather bound journal in which I'm writing this. She calls it keeping and recording my blog entries. I call it preserving evidence! Writing on the right side pages is a snap. The left side will be challenging. But then again, I think choosing what wing sauce to order at BW3 is challenging also.

I remembered to bring along my camera to some of the festivities the last couple weeks and got some really neat pictures.

This first picture is little Jaden helping her dad to blow out his birthday candles. Curious George is looking on and applauding baby and daddy. It looks here that Grandma Ina is getting ready to stick her tongue out at me. I seem to evoke that response alot

Here Shane is demonstrating a new fad, that has taken Indy by storm! It's wearing your sixth grade long johns over your t-shirt while appearing dark and mysterious. Indy people sure are an eclectic crowd.

Here Jaden is telling Gramma J about her harrowing ordeal as a refugee during the ice storm. Luckily, they got power back on Christmas Eve and were able to open their presents at home on Christmas morning. After saying how much she enjoyed staying with Gramma Karen and Grampa Ron, she nevertheless clicked her heels together and said "There's no place like home!" three times.

Here, Lucy is up in the window meowing at Jaden to watch out for the train! Also, it seems like every time Jaden turns her back, Curious George and Arthur start making out in the stroller!

Jaden and I like to make faces at each other. Isn't she goofy?
Here's Jenny's brother Jeff and his handsome family. On the right is Grandma Marie and in the red vest is my lovely niece Tabitha. She is someone very special. A week or so ago, we celebrated her becoming a CNA, of which we are all very proud of. If Jenny and Shannon can convince her to write a blog, then we could learn more about her interesting life and point of view. Opening the present is my nephew, Trenton. My dad would've called him a "fart smeller". He's a pretty nice kid despite being from Avilla. Jaden's looking at him like he just told a dirty joke or belched.

Here Jaden is trying on a pretty outfit she got from Jeff and Jane. They fit around her neck nicely.

I'll let this picture with Jaden and her Aunt Cindy speak for itself. I don't dare write my first choice for a caption.

Finally, here Jaden shows Gramma Pat and Grampa Wayne how she painted this lovely picture frame for them. She was a busy girl this Christmas, painting numerous picture frames and ornaments for gifts.

Last but not least, today is Wayne's birthday. I believe that he's 70 this year but looks younger than I do! I owe Wayne more than I could ever repay. Not only for the countless number of repairs he's done for us, or the many things he's made or built for us, or the numerous times he's been there for us. He's shown me what it takes to be a great grandpa and I hope I can measure up to his example. Happy birthday Wayne! Come over to the house tonight and help us celebrate Ron Weimer's birthday!

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