Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hip hip hurray!

The rhyming is easy
For some reason today.
So here's another entry
Without delay!

Pretty soon we'll party.
Let out a cheer!
2008 will be over
And '09 will be here!

Bush left us a mess
Which was really quite rude.
The economy's in shambles.
The people are screwed!

The world all see us
As loudmouth cowboys
Who torture and bluster
And make too much noise.

Whereas Bush is a bozo
The fact remains,
On January 19th, change
Is a president with brains!

We'll start to recover
America's good name.
The cabinet will be competent
Where now they are lame.

Barack'll roll up his sleeves
'Cause there's alot to be done.
He'll use common sense and brains
Where now there is none.

To clean up from Bush
He's one in a million.
And he'll never have to ask
"How many is a Brazilian?"

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