Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm smart and you ain't!

Earlier today, I was browsing through a number of blogs on . Somehow, my blog had gotten on Condron and I had gotten some hits from there. No one ever stayed but it introduced me to the sight. Boy, is that an eye opener!

I always thought that I was knowledgeable, sorta interesting and a little goofy. I've written about topics that affect our way of life. Last year, even presidents would pore over my blog to find a reference to FUZBUKT and the mention of a shanker on my ass. I realize that this blog isn't Pulitzer material, but its not a forum for booger picking contests either. But as I looked at blogs from all over the world, I felt like Elmo at a presidential debate. Jeez, are people self-pretentious!

Most of the bloggers are self-proclaimed experts in some high brow subject or other. I could spend maybe 10 seconds reading their drivel and then I'd have to move on. The worse ones are the political ones. There's a ton of them against Israel's invasion of Gaza. Doesn't that sound like a real knee slapper? One of them went on and on for five or six pages and didn't once mention boogers, farts or belching! Yeah, yeah, the invasion wasn't nice, the bodies on the side of the roads was tragic but can't they think of anything funny?

When I did find the blogs of normal people, they never mentioned any names or locations. One lady called herself WeaselMama with weasel-like names for the kids and hubby. One even wrote about how she thought everyone had to accept a rodent-like persona. One guy was NukeDaddy with his kids referred to by their numbered order of arrival. None of these were half as interesting as they thought. Surely not as interesting as Laura, Krista, Kelli and Shannon's families. NukeDaddy's kids seemed liked caricatures, not great kids like Sarah, Seth, Marissa and Jaden!

I believe that I have a very good knowledge of railroading in America. It has always been interesting to me. The reason I don't blog much about railroading is because even though it interests me, to most others its a yawner. Likewise, the majority of the blogs I looked at was the result of someone blowing off about whatever his expertise is and rubbing our noses in it.

Therefore, I promise blogdom that I will not become a self-centered know it all who gives everyone a code name. Heck, I'm lucky to remember my name on cold days! If any of you readers are reading this on Condron.US, I didn't mean you personally, but everyone else!


fuzbukt said...

Hey, Max, the world is full of know-it-alls. Unsure? Just ask them!

Give me humor any day.

I don't need some undereducated, highly opinionated a-hole to tell me what to think.

Now, about the Prez trying to find me... I'm ready to serve, Obama, baby.

Keep laughing, Max, and keep your loyal cadre laughing,too

Anonymous said...

Awesone page, found you via Condron, will be back to visit!