Monday, September 1, 2008

Tennessee Travelers

I know that all of you see me as a workaholic who is all work and no play. I hate to burst your bubble but I just spent a wonderful time in the Smokies with Jenny and all the family. Boy, did I have a good time. The reason is because I didn't have a hand in planning the trip! Here is the great cabin that we rented.

Now, if I had been the one to make the arrangements, the cabin probably would've looked like this. As you can see, the architect of this place probably graduated from Purdue!

Jenny and I were lucky to have our entire family here: Shannon, Mike, Jaden, Shane and Ashley. Frank and the kitties had to stay home and were missed.

When I got home on Sunday, I was more relaxed than when I left on Thursday and isn't that the purpose of a vacation? Also, the time was also spent celebrating my birthday, the 55th annual Maxmas Day. Shannon baked a delicious cake. I officially didn't know that she was baking it. When it comes to playing stupid, I've been told that I'm a natural. Jaden got me a beautiful picture frame (that will go on the table next to my computer) with her picture in it. Shannon and Mike got me a neat "Crean and Crimson" t-shirt and Shane and Ashley got me a cool Tabasco apron. That was a real stroke of genius. By wearing the apron at suppertime (and I will at home) my clothes and new t-shirts won't have all those greasy stains on the front. I don't think this means that Shane and Ashley think I'm a slob. (They know it like every other living being in America!!)

Here is a picture of Shane dancing with Jaden. I'm putting this in here as proof that there are living Teders' who can dance! (Can you read this, Gene?) I believe that I am an excellent dancer. But in order to prevent embarrassment and shame for my family, I have refrained from dancing ever since my wedding reception.

If anyone wants to see the really neat pictures of this vacation, please see the latest posts on Jenny and Shannon's blogs.
Oh by the way, the reason I now have photographs on my blog is because Jenny got me a great digital camera for my birthday. Someday she'll probably kick herself for that one!


Gramma J said...

I will do my best to keep him in line with his photos...but as Max himself would say...can't make any guarantee!

Shannon said...

What's up with the headless Mike in the background on the dancing picture???

Had a great time!!

Max Teders said...

Shannon, as would be expected, my focus was entirely on Jaden. Everyone else is clutter!

fuzbukt said...

BTW, Max, AARP is welcoming you with open arms.